Monday, July 21, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9281 Monday, July 21, 2008


 1 Produce a disc of quality not surpassed (6,1,6) CREATE A RECORD

 8 Fan called for by a doctor going around a swamp (7) ADMIRER

 9 Strange that a dog should have contracted debts (7) CURIOUS

11 Tales about royal design for old German silver coins (6) TALERS

13 An expert outside of court gets to dress (8) ACCOUTRE

15 Didn’t walk round the Wild West show (5) RODEO

16 Fall apart as you get below (7) ASUNDER

18 Repeats photographing for a film (7) RETAKES

19 Record in writing a list of competitors (5) ENTRY

21 And I opened the paper abstractedly (2,1,5) IN A DREAM

23 Stop at a particular frame a moving film (6) FREEZE

25 Site lit possibly to favour a select group (7) ELITIST

26 Short axe and another tool left by an amphibian (7) AXOLOTL

28 Support for a N.Greece mount eruption (13) ENCOURAGEMENT


 2 Doctor ruled out, his chicanery seen through (7) RUMBLED

 3 Has an affectation of superiority (3) AIR

 4 Deserve to gain by labour (4) EARN

 5 Turf for the thoroughbred (4,6) RACE COURSE

 6 Somewhat curious of a rare item (5) CURIO

 7 Lists a duck with the creature in the farm yard (7) ROOSTER

 8 Change to natural choice between either pair (11) ALTERNATIVE

10 Still life of a slice of bread and a piece of cheese? (7,4) SKETCHY MEAL

12 Ought to sort out a sleeping place (5) ROOST

14 Authoritarian allocator of work starts to make havoc (10) TASKMASTER

17 It’s gloomy to read about the dead (5) DREAR

18 Al gets in to reign on a new basis (7) REALIGN

20 Can we do otherwise, going in to secure? (3,4) TIE DOWN

22 It is renowned for its horn formation — one centrally placed (5) RHINO

24 Called to take the nag on road (4) RANG

27 Measure the current after English get out of faulty home (3) OHM

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