Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9284 Thursday, July 24, 2008


 1 Dropping off, they’re so heavy (7) EYELIDS

 5 Revealed what one’s former partner stood for (7) EXPOSED

 9 I get no thanks for very small amounts (5) IOTAS

10 Child caught sleeping may become his prey for ransom (9) KIDNAPPER

11 As graduate on motorway encounters foul vapour (6) MIASMA

12 He doesn’t pretend to share in their regret (4,4) TRUE HEIR

14 Bantu member from Rwanda is sent back with mild rebuke (5) TUTSI

15 The people dealing in cameras (9) AMERICANS

18 Good visibility up to a point in Eire (4,5) CAPE CLEAR

20 Choose decisively for a large person (5) PLUMP

22 Assemblies of people attending voting centres in an election (8) TURNOUTS

24 MGM studio set her rightly as their bathing beauty star (6) ESTHER

26 To join the union is to make an investment (9) BELEAGUER

27 Not fitting a multilingual part (5) UNAPT

28 He ignores unpleasant facts like the large African bird (7) OSTRICH

29 Made dough, and it sounds too as though it were needed (7) KNEADED


 1 Strange how Edgar appeared to his friends (9) ENIGMATIC

 2 Old country passage (7) EXTRACT

 3 He finds it difficult to get off at night (9) INSOMNIAC

 4 Fermented rice alcoholic drink (4) SAKE

 5 Doyen of the fruit world? (10) ELDERBERRY

 6 Freedom from disturbance good for ease of mind (5) PEACE

 7 Highest authority with unlimited powers (7) SUPREMA

 8 Right to ride off in a more dreadful circumstance (5) DIRER

13 The plain facts about nudism? (5,5) NAKED TRUTH

16 I’m standing under false pretence (9) IMPOSTURE

17 What happened to the waters when the unruly sea parted? (9) SEPARATED

19 Prattle about chanticleer’s mate (7) PARTLET

21 A French guy having a way with him may be ignored (7) UNHEARD

22 Jack too is considered unholy (5) TABOO

23 Alright to have Greek letter about an African animal (5) OKAPI

25 A hard journey on foot (4) TREK

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