Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9267 Friday, July 04, 2008


 1 Soldier, British, before a sacrificial table in a strategic place south of Spain (9) GIBRALTAR

 5 Couple go round top of mountain system, one in Asia (5) PAMIR

 8 The last time Atul danced (8) ULTIMATE

 9 Opt for, say, almost nice food for eating out (6) PICNIC

11 Acted out a note written two ways by daughter (5) MIMED

12 Aldrin or Armstrong, say (9) ASTRONAUT

13 Pompous chap puts money before the Maker (3,3) TIN GOD

14 It has an intercalary day—spring time?(4,4) LEAP YEAR

16 Warning by chief is a frontal feature (8) FOREHEAD

18 Things to eat between meals, with a bit of nuts, in bags (6) SNACKS

22 A fastener that comes with security (6,3) SAFETY PIN

23 Electronic random number indicator equipment, in short….. (5) ERNIE

24 …..started with a writer mentioned in well-known dictionary (6) OPENED

25 An arm of the Atlantic or another small variant (5,3) NORTH SEA

26 Mark a negative church (5) NOTCH

27 What a patient needs following discharge perhaps (9) AFTERCARE


 1 He enjoyed the good food partly prepared during our met conference (7) GOURMET

 2 It is used in making roads and has minute black components (7) BITUMEN

 3 Meet the threat, do arrange to be very heavily loaded with weapons (5,2,3,5) ARMED TO THE TEETH

 4 One grabbed by a giant painter (6) TITIAN

 5 Unsigned missive from a writer filled with venom perhaps (6-3,6) POISON-PEN LETTER

 6 Fellow with time gets the authority (7) MANDATE

 7 He gave the measure to seismic upheavals (7) RICHTER

10 Favourites upset about duck in the verandah (5) STOEP

15 Dwell on unknown, cruel, grasping woman (5) HARPY

16 Chain of flowers to make one soft perhaps (7) FESTOON

17 Think about what a mirror can do (7) REFLECT

19 Card game played as an act (7) CANASTA

20 Wise man holding English record for a leak (7) SEEPAGE

21 How a pedestrian makes progress (2,4) ON FOOT

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