Monday, July 21, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9282 Tuesday, July 22, 2008


 1 Manuscript of history with simple correction inside (10) PALIMPSEST

 6 Chooses to work and be back on road (4) OPTS

 9 Gets in a new broom (7) GENISTA

10 Place in certain position stand for display of goods (7) INSTALL

12 Beloved who is extremely precious (4,4) VERY DEAR

13 She makes a point to place the scores on an equal basis (5) EVENS

15 Fools on board ship at sea (5) ASSES

17 Contract signed at home with a false smile? (9) INDENTURE

19 They’ll agree to allow records of dope animals (9) ASSENTERS

21 Met again to finalise railway gauge (5) METRE

23 Tribe takes note of the ringing sound of a trumpet (5) CLANG

24 Thieves who are out to commit a felony (8) BURGLARS

27 Senor set out with a couple of pounds for registers (7) ENROLLS

28 Thrust roughly at boy for his aggressive behaviour (7) RAMPAGE

29 Modern English way of acting (4) MODE

30 Roy deserts wrecked naval vessels (10) DESTROYERS


 1 Oriental gap has to be reversed for the boy’s sake (4) PAGE

 2 Remains behind, reluctant to leave (7) LINGERS

 3 Not right to sit by my side when situation is obscure (5) MISTY

 4 Lack of employment in the lean years (5,4) SPARE TIME

 5 Batsman makes a high hit (5) SKIER

 7 The table land of Mendip late autumn exposes (7) PLATEAU

 8 Looking for advancement is his number one priority (4-6) SELF-SEEKER

11 Whole bird found in part of the chest (7) STERNUM

14 Dressing a boy in Sunday best (5,5) SALAD CREAM

16 Republic giving Engels a shake up (7) SENEGAL

18 African soldier to run away twice (6,3) DESERT RAT

20 Marked where the attack took place (7) STARRED

22 Chester race course has stand for spectators (7) TERRACE

24 Beat with a stick at the unstable beast (5) BASTE

25 West Indian dance in which people are forgotten (5) LIMBO

26 Asks earnestly for charity (4) BEGS

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