Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9269 Monday, July 07, 2008

Gone again for the whole week ....................


 1 What a wholesaler gives the merchant — a sound credit arrangement with time (5,8) TRADE DISCOUNT

10 It brings about a strong bond very quickly (9) SEPARABLE

11 Look in the marshland for one guilty of crime (5) FELON

12 Poised for action in a rare Adyar event (5) READY

13 Happen to assume a position (4,5) TAKE PLACE

14 A voice pitched high — three times as much (6) TREBLE

16 Spirit that emerged from a fabled lamp (5) GENIE

19 A small cut that may result in a catch (5) SNICK

20 Going about with a bit of love, staring (at girls, perhaps) (6) OGLING

25 Would an old boxer seek such a hard surface for tennis? (4,5) CLAY COURT

26 Noisy quarrel, crude, on the outskirts of Bristol (5) BRAWL

27 International body represented at a news agency party (5) UNIDO

28 Mona, a soul rendered inconsistent (9) ANOMALOUS

29 He takes pleasure in digging up the past (13) ARCHAEOLOGIST


 2 The gun for one who likes iteration (8) REPEATER

 3 Classic cover for the top (5) DERBY

 4 Speak at length, getting one pound in a day (6) DEBATE

 5 Holmes investigated such a band (8) SPECKLED

 6 Children away from March to June maybe (9) OFFSPRING

 7 Antelope found wandering in Gaul (6) NILGAU/NILGAI

 8 Liveliness of an elf shifting tail to top (6) ESPRIT

 9 List at the end of the book providing the measure of a thing (5) INDEX

15 Cotton material that may be measuring more than expected? (4,5) LONG CLOTH

17 A Catholic clergyman is absolutely correct (8) ACCURATE

18 Such a woman is a member in two unions (8) BIGAMOUS

21 Expression of surprise about a large shoe (6) GALOSH

22 Clean up for theatre work? (5) SCRUB

23 Sword in poor repair (6) RAPIER

24 Way to go round in a leisurely walk (6) STROLL

26 Drug consumed in a drab hangout (5) BHANG

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Eswaran said...

It is probably Superglue 10-A/c and D-IL-ATE 4 dn