Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9287 Monday, July 28, 2008

Few good ones today......................


 1 Norm regularly takes car out with meat-eating humans, say (10) OMNIVOROUS

 6 Sound fix for door part (4) JAMB

10 Sparkle resulting from translating actor’s cue (9) CORUSCATE

11 The Spanish take in your old antiknock fluid (5) ETHYL

12 What you are looking for may be perched atop the cabinet (5,8) PRIME MINISTER

14 Inventor is least perturbed (5) TESLA

15 Fruit, unripe, found on weed (9) GREENGAGE

17 Toy breeds trained to find out a place for pearls (6,3) OYSTER BED

21 Wafer missing? Concealed by a physicist? (5) FERMI

22 Going up in pursuit of a skeleton on a playground feature (8,5) CLIMBING FRAME

24 I hear Latin (5) AUDIO

25 Answer for yield returned in the past (2,3,4) AT THE TIME

26 Check on pressing need to lose article (4) STEM

27 Inferences drawn by king about pickled seasoning (10) REASONINGS


 1 Line of military control (10) OCCUPATION

 2 A flower for the self-admirer (9) NARCISSUS

 3 In Virginia, orderly cries on seeing innards (7) VISCERA

 4 Counselling for the auditor in recital (7) READING

 5 Retinue perturbed by some type of contractions (7) UTERINE

 7 Sailor facing hard alternative is unable to stand (5) ABHOR

 8 Letters from Isabella for inventor (4) BELL

 9 Inventor of tube gas seen around outskirts of Washermanpet (6) NEWTON

13 Rescuers of some stags consume a meat dish (10) DELIVERERS

16 Person of mixed ancestry all at sea on a safari (4-5) AFRO-ASIAN

18 Team taken aback on finding inventor (6) EDISON

19 Be seen around an Australian cricket ground when returning with inventor (7) BABBAGE

20 Keeps a party in New Jersey on the 1st of September (7) DONATES

21 Number given by efficient doctor in the absence of in-charge (7) FIFTEEN

22 Notice replacement for old meat in cell (5) CADGE?

23 Miss the French ship (4) LASS

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