Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9247 Wednesday, June 11, 2008


 1 Deficiency evokes sympathy around a university campus initially (7) PAUCITY

 5 Poor actor, to deride an outdoor bed, … (7) HAMMOCK

10 … cuts off fruits (6) PRUNES

11 During part of a play, I have been passive (8) INACTIVE

12 Note about one small book on famous Italian place (6) TIVOLI

13 The craft that saved animal life (5,3) NOAH'S ARK

14 Tom spanning a wide road with a warning notice (6) CAVEAT

15 Shrink from a call in church (6) CRINGE

18 Strong desire, note, makes for a glow (6) LUSTRE

20 Make it official with healthy backing with a beam all around (6) RATIFY

23 Unpopular English revenue device which made people put their foot down on law (5,3) STAMP ACT

25 Time for a full stop (6) PERIOD

26 Sporting event for a large boat, hard in racing (8) BIATHLON

27 Ocean current flowing from the Nile? No kidding! (2,4) EL NINO

28 Nimbleness of a soldier dazzled youth leader (7) AGILITY

29 In the present day, poetry can be damaging (7) ADVERSE


 2 Skilful tuning of radio takes time (6) ADROIT

 3 B or C maybe, but not A (9) CONSONANT

 4 Tissue, very unhealthy, is caused by cough (7) TUSSIVE

 6 Language of an Indian boy with American agency backing (7) ARAMAIC

 7 The reported strengths of little parasites (5) MITES

 8 What a politician wants from the press — to hide his years? (8) COVERAGE

 9 A sentient guru composed the music to identify the radio station (9,4) SIGNATURE TUNE

16 A nice, new, free deduction (9) INFERENCE

17 A decree to nab good man for stealing cattle (8) RUSTLING

19 Decorative bit on clothing of English boy with the heart of a go-getter (7) EPAULET

21 The one expected to win the championship perhaps (3,4) TOP SEED

22 Shady places which may cause pain for the aged (6) JOINTS

24 Chemical, perhaps a bit of tritium, found in food (5) METAL

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