Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9245 Monday, June 09, 2008


 1 Work of the highest excellence in a race (7) CLASSIC

 5 Sir, I act funny, cynical! (7) SATIRIC

 9 One should be mad to have clubs in the tower (4,2,3,6) BATS IN THE BELFRY

10 Succulent plant or an evergreen (6) ORPINE

11 Again got to know about real rent adjustment (8) RELEARNT

13 One who obtains compliance among men for certain (8) ENFORCER

15 It can bring traffic to a stop (6) SIGNAL

18 Martial art with which King Edward caught a deserter (6) KARATE

19 First public performance by head of government, excellent beginning (8) PREMIERE

22 Unconsciousness makes Ian cross, silly (8) NARCOSIS

24 Beautiful flower from Neyveli or Chidambaram (6) ORCHID

27 Homely indications, say, for training in household duties (8,7) DOMESTIC SCIENCE

28 French artist was a ship’s officer who captured one ship (7) MATISSE

29 A way in hostelries to get the viscera (7) INNARDS


 1 Accountant on a drinking bout, say, in ship’s galley (7) CABOOSE

 2 Place about to be turned over? Behave in a troublesome way (3,2) ACT UP

 3 Present in fresh form is a part of a spider producing silk threads (9) SPINNERET

 4 Attractive stick for snooker players, a bit twisted inside (4) CUTE

 5 Spot a revolutionary? Beome very angry (3,3) SEE RED

 6 Pronoun, determiner of the point (5) THESE

 7 Allusion to a testimonial (9) REFERENCE

 8 Costly glass as seen as in a famous palace once (7) CRYSTAL

12 Fix a drink (3) PEG

14 Nowhere near that (3,4,2) FAR FROM IT

16 Baptism with a kind of heater (9) IMMERSION

17 Cook a little fish (3) FRY

18 Monarchy is doing badly in the outskirts of Khartoum (7) KINGDOM

20 What goes on and on is this (7) ENDLESS

21 Forceful but offensive about time in prison (6) VIRILE

23 Grouping of western countries, one’s refuge (5) OASIS

25 It brings an edge to a weapon (5) HONER

26 It’s a variety of white wine from Italy (4) ASTI

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