Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9242 Thursday, June 05, 2008


 1 A hint of winter had twins in a tizzy (5,2,3,4) STRAW IN THE WIND

 8 State where an oasis is developed around dry centre (6) ORISSA

 9 Troublemaker with a holy book? Silly rot (8) AGITATOR

11 Fruits recently stolen provide ammunition (9) GRAPESHOT

12 Dictatorship that was prosperous around the east (5) REICH

13 Plunge into a choice New York opera house (7) PLUMMET

15 Old student swallowed iodine and oxide (7) ALUMINA

17 Voice modulation in Eastern Deccan perhaps (7) CADENCE

19 Teacher in Assam Mail, say (Eastern Railway) (7) TRAINER

21 Singular yearning for a great forward movement (5) SURGE

23 Sack Britain and find one who causes unrest (9) FIREBRAND

25 Awakening Rao somehow, you reportedly chant (8) AROUSING

26 Some verse from Turkmenistan, Zanzibar etc. (6) STANZA

27 Prevailing rules, but they do not bar people from being seated (8,6) STANDING ORDERS


 1 Temporary measure to plug a hiatus (7) STOPGAP

 2 Indian dish, right? Excellent, thank you (5) RAITA

 3 The launderer who used to be the girl’s husband (9) WASHERMAN

 4 Elated by drink at a meal (4,3) HIGH TEA

 5 An essential solution, note, in conflict (5) WATER

 6 Food — is a nut riot in order? (9) NUTRITION

 7 Creator who quelled harm in the borders of Bharatavarsha (6) BRAHMA

10 Close down a small, humble dwelling (4) SHUT

14 On the ground are two European articles, over twelve inches (9) UNDERFOOT

16 Lo! A turban comes unstuck in Asian capital (4,5) ULAN BATOR

17 Such clothes are unfit for formal occasions (6) CASUAL

18 F and D, say, heard in Turkish address (7) EFFENDI

19 A small lake in Bastar newly reclaimed (4) TARN

20 The artist calls for some tyres (7) RADIALS

22 One is distracted by a red dye (5) EOSIN

24 Girl, one with a new name, that is (5) ANNIE

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