Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9243 Friday, June 06, 2008


 1 There is no dissent in such a decision (9) UNANIMOUS

 5 Covers for the feet that can be used in inflation? (5) PUMPS

 8 The flower of London (6) THAMES

 9 Penny, suffering endless allergy — a result of dietary deficiency (8) PELLAGRA

11 Lament of a chap about love (4) MOAN

12 Failing to recall info: get good, right treatment (10) FORGETTING

14 An American once got brown all around (5) TEXAN

15 Title, shortened, looked soothing (7) HONEYED

16 Electric ray, a source of danger to shipping (7) TORPEDO

17 Parent with boy builder (5) MASON

19 Sops of Kent, silly but gentle of utterance (4-6) SOFT-SPOKEN

20 Ailment detected in a guest house (4) AGUE

22 A convict in Andaman, man out with a large snake (8) ANACONDA

23 Country accountant carrying a notice (6) CABANA?

24 The fruits of engagements (5) DATES

25 I’m sincere, prepared to talk about old times (9) REMINISCE


 1 Part of a tumult I monitored last month (6) ULTIMO

 2 A master of statecraft trained in reality (2,1,6,2,4) AS A MATTER OF FACT

 3 ”Demi”, in a fresh spell, is the same in Latin (4) IDEM

 4 Heavy tool for what some cricketers do — bait and severely criticise (12) SLEDGEHAMMER

 5 Courtesy and refinement of the spoilt seen differently (10) POLITENESS

 6 A lens for blowing up good girl (10,5) MAGNIFYING GLASS

 7 Glen, sad, upset, used bad language (7) SLANGED

10 A question of rules being followed with a spot of neatness (5,2,5) POINT OF ORDER

13 What some inquiry commissions go on getting (10) EXTENSIONS

16 A model lady? (7) TUSSAUD

18 Reduction in cost per covers Electricity Board (6) REBATE

21 The paper at daybreak (4) DAWN


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Thanks, Raghuram! AD could be the "notice" referred to in the clue!