Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9241 Wednesday, June 04, 2008


 1 Crumpled city maps include article which is appealing (11) SYMPATHETIC

 9 Language of Ottoman chief with airy fashion (5) ORIYA

10 Life support for former partner coming in for sandwiches (9) EXISTENCE

11 Frank, say, from Rhode Island, speaks Indian language (5) DOGRI

12 Novice tries cooking an arthropod feeder (11) INSECTIVORE

13 Not odd for the French to be included in a cricket team (6) ELEVEN

14 Language of Karnataka, primarily for a couple of girls (7) KANNADA

18 Fragment of miso spread swallowed by Greek goddess (7) ATOMISE

20 One harboured by Oriental in African grassland made invisible (6) VEILED

24 Support ensures a car gets a face-lift (11) REASSURANCE

26 Note about Mary’s follower, reportedly an Andes climber (5) LLAMA

27 Turn out to lift the opening in centre court for Vel to return (9) EVENTUATE

28 Refresher, say, in centre of Lothal for some canines (5) TEETH

29 Lacking skill in tiff, niece floundered (11) INEFFICIENT


 1 Powdered spice from heart of Armenia, for example (8) SPECIMEN

 2 She is found in an American state with a Middle Eastern shroud (9) MAINSHEET

 3 Object to magazine feature (7) ARTICLE

 4 Language of Doe, an international leader (5) HINDI

 5 Abstain from partial guarantee to talk (8) TEETOTAL

 6 Strongly disapprove of Ontario Democrat featured in Chinese website (7) CONDEMN

 7 Language in the outskirts of Grenoble for princess to depend on (5) HINGE

 8 Incomplete story about Michigan in Indian language (5) TAMIL

15 Indian capital reportedly clan in an eye opening sketch (9) DELINEATE

16 See a strange entertaining revolutionary ritual in Indian language (8) ASSAMESE

17 Disciple to head out with reference book (8) ADHERENT

19 Letters from Delmar, at Hiedelberg, in Indian language (7) MARATHI

21 Capricious geological feature (7) ERRATIC

22 Fabric for Abraham’s nephew in Switzerland (5) CLOTH

23 Confused German, not quite a PlayStation enthusiast (5) GAMER

25 Support for quiet fairy (5) SHELF

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