Friday, June 6, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9244 Saturday, June 07, 2008


 1 What prolonged exposure to a big star may cause (9) SUNSTROKE

 5 Singular term for a sharp weapon (5) SWORD

 8 Strong praise for a carbonated drink mentioned in a record (English) (8) ACCOLADE

 9 Vegetable which, if hot, is best left untouched (6) POTATO

11 Rows that cause evidence of crying, say (5) TIERS

12 Individual quirk seen in an isle upset miners (9) MANNERISM

13 Engine part displayed by a hydroscopist on a high (6) PISTON

14 Provide an alert in advance of a wren (redhead) revolting (8) FOREWARN

16 Where one may have to be patient! (8) HOSPITAL

18 A place for prayer in a part of the head (6) TEMPLE

22 The element that a U.S. impost knocked out (9) POTASSIUM

23 Belonging to them is the first of trustees, the one to inherit (5) THEIR

24 A colour with zero scope (6) ORANGE

25 The last one in the side takes part in a channel event half-heartedly (8) ELEVENTH

26 Upright before the court (5) ERECT

27 A bit hot, soldier gets back into a wood in anticipation (9) FORESIGHT


 1 Jump suddenly to constrain deserters to return (5,2) START UP

 2 Coins in a prison the Spanish started stripping (7) NICKELS

 3 Shooter’s aid that makes the choicest piglets run (10,5) TELESCOPIC SIGHT

 4 In a dictionary (English), master finds a word for abnormal swelling (6) OEDEMA

 5 They are on the lookout for shoplifters (5,10) STORE DETECTIVES

 6 Wind instrument puts Cora in a tizzy (7) OCARINA

 7 Perform or take one’s place at the post of commissionaire (7) DOORMAN

10 Spy or a spy at first with no work (5) SNOOP

15 Lacking imagination, Indian doctor pockets little money (5) VAPID

16 Skeletal part, a fashionable bit of the skeleton (7) HIPBONE

17 Locate it at a Trade Union site somehow (7) SITUATE

19 Old European money that a swine found around marshy land reportedly (7) PFENNIG

20 Listeners much favoured within the range of sound (7) EARSHOT

21 One taking a leisurely walk is more fit around the start of morning (6) AMBLER

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