Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9541 Monday, May 25, 2009


1 Bank employee confronted by vast sum of money sees a future (7,6) FORTUNE TELLER

8 Note it is the obvious choice (7) NATURAL

9 Particular concerning parking in school environs (7) RESPECT?

11 Silk fabric worn by small number in dance one leaves at the end (6) VELVET (anno?)

13 A French pair obtaining divorce? (8) UNCOUPLE

15 Arranged to lower a small spiked wheel on a spur (5) ROWEL*

16 Jabbers and irritates one (7) NEEDLES

18 Hide carefully to know about lace (7) CON(CEAL*)

19 Move out of the way of the French dog (5) DO(D)G(E)

21 Transportation of French servants’ uniform (8) DE LIVERY

23 Bony cavity occupied by a worker with spirit (6) ANT RUM

25 “Fixing” a race, the guy will get a complaint (7) {E(A)RAC*}HE

26 Oriental or English back (7) E ASTERN

28 Intend to complete the whole course? (5,2,6) START TO FINISH (nice!)


2 Outward current (7) OUT FLOW

3 It’s not to climb back a rocky height (3) TOR

4 Life line of Egypt? (4) NILE*

5 Quite possibly all aren’t at the dance (10) TARANTELLA*

6 Girl has nothing to catch wild horses (5) LASS O

7 Grants immunity to old MP set apart (7) EX{E(MP)TS*}

8 Don’t give up vulgar way of referring to a dice (5,3,3) NEVER SAY DIE

10 The chaps who dig into their tucker! (11) TRENCHERMEN

12 Nell turns to English to find her (5) E(LLEN<-)

14 Affection that’s mean and tender by turn (10) ENDEARMENT*

17 Doubtless how merchantmen left a Yemeni port (5) L ADEN

18 He is at fault to rip cult out of sorts (7) CULPRIT*

20 Stare on road, fresh water diving birds (7) (D){A(R)TERS*}

22 Six vehicle for a Bishop’s deputy (5) VI CAR

24 Strength of objection (4) BEEF

27 To name is a moral offence (3) SIN

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