Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9533 Friday, May 15, 2009

J'aime l'utilisation de mot français "tres" beaucoup, M. Gridman!


1 Slick hit turns out to be hard to handle (8) TICKLISH*

5 Able to get endlessly spacious painting surface (6) CAN VAS(-T)

9 True, lady! Gallivanting may result in love relationship (8) ADULTERY*

10 Killer of small hen (6) S LAYER

12 Sound reflection by English actor-politician (4) E CHO

13 Ignore norm modified for one who sells hardware (10) IRONMONGER*

15 A hot one is hard to deal with (6) POTATO

17 They are often in fine print (5) TERMS

20 As used to bind together bits recoiling (5) STRAP <-

21 Flee, abandoning a part of the airport (6) RUN(-A)WAY

24 Nasty annual pest destroyed (10) UNPLEASANT*

27 Partly Aristotelian author (4) ELIA

29 Writer leaves cheese for the formidable woman (6) GORGON(-ZOLA)

30 Allocated to a ship ending on the rocks without head of navvies (8) A SS {IGNED(-N)*}

31 Extremely sleazy film producer is leaving Australian city (6) SIDNEY (~disney*?)

32 Bridge players swarm over journalist held in high regard (8) ES TEEM ED


1 Exchanges with a leader of Democrats held by the very French (6) TR(A D)ES

2 Trapped hundredanything whatever (6) C AUGHT

3 Allows alien into the left section (4) L(ET)S

4 More certain on the French queen (5) SUR ER

6 “__ __ Thee, my blessed Saviour, I surrender …” (Hymn) (3,2) ALL TO

7 Village Officer, close to insanity, rages about sailors (8) VO Y (AGERS*)

8 Purser is disposed to give a jolt (8) SURPRISE*

11 Not frayed because it was never used? (6) UNWORN

14 Combine goes up to circuit (4) LOOP <-

16 Thanks sent up to others when not moving (2,4) AT<- REST

17 Eyedrop? (4)TEAR

18 Pacifies fool making wrong usage (8) ASS (UAGES*)

19 Ready, having cut before? (8) PRE PARED

22 Opponents in prize assembly (6) PL(EN)UM

23 United too in sack (6) B(AND)ED

25 Leave with one’s love (5) ELOPE

26 Where chicks hang out (5) NESTS

28 They are shaken at the gambling table (4) DICE


Chaturvasi said...

extremely sleazy - S Y
film producer is leaving - D(is)NEY
No anag there!

Chaturvasi said...

First of all, SIDNEY is a misspelt term. Even otherwise, anag of DISNEY would have been a 'concealed anagram', which is non-Ximenean and which Gridman doesn't use.
A 'concealed anagram' is where you have to derive a word - the anag fodder - before you proceed to anagram it to get the answer as you have done here.