Monday, June 22, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9566 Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Seems like Gridman has changed his style while I was gone - clues feel different! Long layoff maybe on my part ........ will be doing some more traveling so the postings will be irregular .....


1 In the South-East, a hospital room’s facing the ocean (8) SE A WARD S

6 Tides favourable for boating departures (4) EBBS

9 Got one’s eyes fixed? (6) STARED

10 Provided physician returns quietly, it might be in the creel (7) COD<-FI<-SH

13 Gives the word to the woman about big cats (9) ANN OUNCES

14 “Love Story” author Erich (5) SEGAL

15 Unmatchable defeat? (4) BEST

16 One who has things in store for you (10) SHOPKEEPER

19 Jams following collapse of board: these will hinder your progress (10) (ROADB*)LOCKS

21 Advance without resistance in measure for fast fliers (4) MA(-R)CH

24 Dull run for circus or zoo employee (5) TAMER

25 Dressed warmly (7,2) BUNDLED UP

26 Nothing to write and broadcast about type of mall (4-3) O PEN AIR

27 Alien before boarding plane (6) E(MIG)RE

28 Insolent talk by small, stable figure? (4) S ASS

29 Becoming old, clergyman goes in for retaliation (8) A(VEN)GING


2 Makes tense former wife to care for son (7) EX TEND S

3 Develop an alternative in a week for the State (4,2) W(OR)K UP

4 Chair, doc and I produce a variety of chicory (9) RADICCHIO*

5 Faith groups change tec in seconds (5) S(ECT*)S

7 Put forward for discussion bird-identifier thrust on the State by bureaucrat’s head (5,2) B RING UP

8 Rich? So splash out with financial grants to students (12) SCHOLARSHIPS*

11 The woman goes through trash-talk for items of food (6) DI(SHE)S

12 Engine parts from crate burst or fell apart (12) CARBURETTORS*

17 Dog takes a leak skirting maharaja at the end of palace (9) PE(KING)ES E

18 Head away from wintry Russian area to European peninsula (6) (-S)IBERIA

20 Haphazard distribution of e-mails by premier secretary (7) (AIMLES*)S

22 Indra forged nothing new in firedog (7) (ANDIR*) O N

23 Female is mendacious about aviation (6) F LYING

25 Black Roman bear in Turkish city (5) B URSA

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