Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Indulge in creative clue writing

As I commented in the previous post, I would like to invite everyone to indulge in some creative clue writing exercise. Take, for example, the following from the previous puzzle:

14 Polish 'Das Kapital'? (6) WARSAW

This was a toughie for me. It is a city, a capital and the anagrams are all very simple - saw war, was raw etc.

What would be a clever clue for this?

Also, for the next puzzle, please feel free to rewrite a better clue in addition to just the answer. I think this would be a great learning exercise and fun for everyone!


Shuchi said...

How about:
Capital retreat wasn't refined (6)

Shuchi said...

That was (WAS RAW)<-.

Noticed fighting ahead? Capital! (6) WAR SAW

Shuchi said...

Last one before I go to sleep :)

Battle was revoked? But an uprising happened here! (6) WAR SAW<-
(Ref. to Warsaw Uprising of WW2)

Good night!

anokha said...

Nice Shuchi - very nice! Don't you sleep at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anokha said...

OK, at least you do PLAN to sleep! BTW, I have another idea brewing in my mind - will email you about it later.

Chaturvasi said...
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Chaturvasi said...

All your clues are good, the first one in a class apart.
There are professional composers without this grip over the language and the art of clue(wo)manship.
Congrats. Keep it up by composing full-"square" crosswords!
Anokha, Sorry I am using your forum to write this unqualified praise to someone else but I can't help it. Credit must be given where credit is due.
This is not to underestimate your efforts.

Chaturvasi said...

I checked my dB. Over 500 puzzles with at least 30 clues in each of them. And I didn't find WARSAW!

anokha said...

Feel free, always - Vasi Sir! Shuchi churned these out half-asleep. I can only imagine what she can do when fully awake.

Recognition and praise is what we can provide as there is no prize or reward for doing anything here!

Vinod Raman said...

Nice ones Shuchi.

A couple from me:-
- Capital battes a row at the border
- Poles are seen here endlessly having wine among women
W (-B)ARSA(-C) W

The MEANDERthal man said...

Nice clues :)
my attempt...

Nude turns to Maxim for capital (6)



anokha said...

Thanks, Vinod & 'The MEANDERthal man'!