Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9535 Monday, May 18, 2009


 1 Event with choice possibilities (8) ELECTION (if only there was a way to ensure only GOOD possibilities to choose from! GO Indian voter, nevertheless!)

 6 Difficult trip with frontrunners of the regiment entering Kohima (4) T R E K

 9 Low joints (6) ANKLES

10 Enrol the setter recalling Nepal movement (7) EM<-(PANEL*)

13 One is so when one is free (2,7) AT LIBERTY

14 One so perplexed may be caught by it (5) NOOSE*

15 Boozy grown-ups return to hold a wild party (4) ORGY<-

16 In offering one grand is included as a ‘must’ (10) OBL(I G)ATION

19 They add a shimmer to the edges of the mouth (3,7) LIP GLOSSES

21 The Ramayana, for example, featured in the pictures (4) EPIC

24 Police outpost in Mumbai suburb undergoing change finally (5) THAN(-E)A

25 Such a file has no images (5,4) PLAIN TEXT

26 American author Caldwell, for one (7) ERSKINE

27 Hilda is disturbed by a bloomer (6) (DAHLI*)A

28 Tipples in small amounts (4) SIPS

29 One who barely makes a dash (8) STREAKER


 2 See no good member for a fielding position (4-3) LO(NG) LEG

 3 They are famous people, in short (6) CELEBS

 4 Dedicates to fashionable journalists (9) IN SCRIBES

 5 Poor born extremely drearily (5) NEE DY ('extremely' wiser this time!)

 7 Decoration at the doorstep managed with energy by 51 (7) RAN GO LI

 8 Going mad, Yank licks ten tenacious fighters (8,4) KILKENNY CATS*

11 Learner goes after animal into thatched structure (6) PANDA L

12 Affairs overwhelming no little one raised by author (3,2,7) MA(N O)(F LE<-)TTERS

17 Foreign national transforms elder Rani (9) IRELANDER*

18 Soap maker? (6) ALKALI

20 Gives prominence to songs about young dog (5,2) P(LAYS) UP

22 Summary by the Orient is exact (7) PRECIS E

23 Hand-out Radha had carelessly discarded in a region of India (6) (ANDH*)RA(-DHA*)

25 Noblemen’s jetties, by the sound of it (5) PIERS (~peers)


Chaturvasi said...

25 Noblemen’s jetties, by the sound of it (5) PIERS (~peers)

Homophone clues sometimes offer dilemma as to which one is the answer, especially when the homophone ind. is in the middle. I think there is no ambiguity here as to which is the def for word req'd. I think the def is noblemen and the wordplay - the subsidiary indication is "jetties, by the sound of it". So the answer is -

Chaturvasi said...

I enjoyed the gentle fun that you poked at yourself parenthetically in 5dn.

Chaturvasi said...

Again it's me bumping into myself but doesn't matter. The ink had hardly dried (inkpots and steel pens have disappeaed but let them stay at least in these expressive idioms) since I wrote my last Comment when I came across this clue in today's Guardian crossword:
Regretted sounding discourteous (4)The blogger and one or two commenters say they confidentally put in RUED but had to change it to RUDE in the light of crossings.
I too would have put RUED.

anokha said...

Thanks, Vasi Sir - for noticing the comment in 5dn. Need to work on the "homophone" clues now! The 'apostrophe' was little jarring. Nice example from the Guardian. Going to be out today and tomorrow .........