Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9725 Monday, December 28, 2009


1 The French region about which to make a choice (9) SE(LE)CTION

6 Finish with one’s tail in the air (3,2) END UP

9 A jain takes course in martial arts (5) N INJA

10 Graduates put in to transform old school (4,5) AL(MA MA)TER

11 One being impudent without being able to stop the flow of current (10) INSUL(A)TING

12 Flood survivor apparently declined threat inspection (4) NO AH

14 It drives one to drink when you are parched (7) THIRST Y

15 Fit to be eaten for bees, so take lid off (7) E(DI)B(L)ES

17 Nora had to go to the river to find her (7) ELE(ANOR*)

19 Declares that it’s a lock-up (7) ASSERTS

20 Vortex guy? (4) EDDY

22 Current way to produce greater efficiency (10) STREAMLINE

25 A great egg concoction to get together (9) AGGREGATE*

26 A few in the Tyneside area find this simple (5) NAIVE

27 Cancel because having entered before (5) ER(AS)E

28 Will change statement (9) TESTAMENT*


1 Moses received the 10 Commandments on its Mount (5) SINAI

2 A natural slip of landladies lacking a bent for it (9) LANDSLIDE*

3 Early form of rock music (6,4) CRADLE SONG (nice!)

4 Not suitably done to sleep in it (7) I(NAP)TLY

5 Refusal by colliery to take on English candidate (7) NO MINE E

6 She has them shortened to a degree (4) EM MA

7 Time to do it in the same manner (5) DI(T)TO*

8 Secures leverage (9) PURCHASES

13 Declines nothing — kind of frenzy in compulsive drinking (10) DIPSOMANIA

14 The ones here confront ante-revolutionary legislature (3,6) (THE SE)NATE*

16 Idle vicar, running wild, will polish off the grub! (9) LARVICIDE*

18 Pull out car fallen by accident in crater (7) RE(T)RACT

19 Set ways stuff for remaining young looking (7) AGELESS

21 Closely follow a well qualified person’s teaching (5) DOG MA

23 Difficult to let engineer be chosen for office (5) EL(EC)T

24 In short we are what we used to be (4) WERE

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