Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9569 Friday, June 26, 2009

...... clues definitely feel different!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1 Worker to draw out with water supply application (4,4) HAND PUMP

5 Free of charge, a hundred leave (6) A C QUIT

10 A primarily temperamental worker in one U.S. city or another (7) A T L(ANT)A

11 Edit writer’s composition about end of disturbance (7) (REWRIT*)E

12 Incomplete hint by Chinese dynasty on comedian’s necessity (6) TI MING

13 What a model or a clock must have for a presentable appearance (4,4) NICE FACE

15 Lionized one backs old dynasty (4) IDOL<-

16 Such dishes and drinks won’t do for people with glucose intolerance (5-5) SUGAR-LADEN

18 Excited gents overrun at that time to tune up (10) (ST(R)ENG*}THEN

20 Second bed for foreign national (4) S COT

23 Sleep northern workers have in bits (8) REM N ANTS

24 Trying experience in gold transaction… (6) OR DEAL

26 …baddo not go in pieces (3,4) NOT GOOD*

27 Finally in January, girl, father and I reach an Arizona county (7) Y AVA PA I

28 Don’t begin to narrate slips or mistakes (6) {ERRATA(-N)*}

29 By evacuated dredger, I grill engineer on equipment used in oil exploration (5,3) DRILL RIG*


1 This gives cover for one’s medical expenses (6,9) HEALTH INSURANCE

2 Lone bum destroyed waterlily (7) NELUMBO*

3 Longing for tossing a nip: gin-cocktail (6) PINING*

4 Intend to be average (4) MEAN

6 Musical instruments a herd might have, perhaps (8) COWBELLS

7 Single piece lying on a road is bodysuit (7) UNIT A RD

8 Mum: the cashier isn’t working, perhaps (6,2,7) THERE'S NO TELLING (nice!)

9 Annoyed one Reading gallery, getting in free (9) I R RI(TATE)D (anno?)

14 Cart puller gathers in time I’d confined the workers in herd (9) MUL(T I T U D)E (anno?)

17 Leave furtively, creeping snake is abroad! (5,3) SNEAK* OUT

19 Fallen meteor at farther end is more distant (7) (REMOTE*)R

21 More debased, revolutionary article on agent raised (7) CHE A (PER<-)

22 Disturb rock fragments? (6) GRAVEL

25 Batik worker? (4) DYER


Deepak Gopinath said...


Chaturvasi said...

Reading gives R (as in three Rs)

james said...


could u pls provide the breakup for this clue.

dupe the irishman pa has taken on(5)


anokha said...

Thanks Col & Vasi Sir!

anokha said...

Where is this from James? I'm guessing - PATSY!

PATSY is also a male given name, a form of PATRICK. And St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland.