Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9365 Thursday, October 30, 2008


 1 A fast runner that a hero cares about (9) RACEHORSE

 5 and 3 Dn. Seems a prickly situation, having to choose between two equally unpalatable alternatives (2,3,5,2,1,7) ON THE HORNS OF A DILEMMA

 8 Nothing so crude could be correct and mannerly (8) DECOROUS

 9 The kind of voice of those who can’t be idle? (6) ACTIVE

11 They accompany fish for a meal (5) CHIPS

12 Does a bank bank on him for money? (9) DEPOSITOR

13 Get rid of one and be there at the door when he goes (3,3) SEE OFF

14 The time preferred for action by the idle (8) TOMORROW

16 An embryonic layer mended or repaired (8) ENDODERM

18 Out of shape? Get physical education in a part of the hospital (6) WARPED

22 Feed humble pie to Hu: e-mail it possibly (9) HUMILIATE

23 The chapter selected is partly brief and to the point (5) TERSE

24 Stay without feeling and render one powerless (6) BENUMB

25 On the right morning, black fish are straggling (8) RAMBLING

26 Puccini’s work that a Scot rewrote (5) TOSCA

27 He is likely to face the court’s wrath (9) CONTEMNER


 1 Repairs a broken bone and simplifies it (7) REDUCES

 2 Drug for a company killer, end of massacre (7) COCAINE

 3 See 5 Ac.

 4 Doctor’s visits are complete revolutions (6) ROUNDS

 5 Piece of furniture used only now and then? (10,5) OCCASIONAL TABLE

 6 Big blow for a swindler (7) TWISTER

 7 One of two that maybe raised in surprise and doubt (7) EYEBROW

10 Container for film, perhaps, coils up (5) SPOOL

15 Deep sound from a grand horse (5) GROAN

16 A showpiece in court (7) EXHIBIT

17 Claims that somehow sadden most initially (7) DEMANDS

19 A helping of food left the champ upset (7) PORTION

20 One ship among a hundred German ones (7) DREDGER

21 Stay behind a marine gone crazy (6) REMAIN

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