Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9357 Monday, October 20, 2008

Back in US from a long trip across Asia-Pac. Will be out traveling internally couple days a week for some more time. Will post as much as I can! Who is M. Manna? Compiler? The name never appeared before. This thing feels different now ....................


 1 Overall scheme for teacher to design (6,4) MASTER PLAN

 6 Good old man takes path to climb (4) STEE

 9 Mix drink swallowing fish (5,2) SHAKE UP

10 Swallow single drink (7) MARTINI

12 Many spoke, but not plainly (8) MUTTERED

13 Sire married to a niggardly person (5) MISER

15 Scholar lies for the boy (5) ELLIS

17 Correction to last word daughter made to persons on time (9) AMENDMENT

19 Holding quality here in dance medley (9) ADHERENCE

21 Nothing on the girl to catch (5) LASSO

23 Stranger has been made to hurry (5) HASTE

24 Curve formed by flexible chord hanging between two points (8) CATENARY

27 Salient sort of protein that can be stretched (7) ELASTIN

28 Silver in unconventional setting is an abomination (7) OUTRAGE

29 The cyclic rise and fall of the ocean (4) TIDE

30 Concerned but not impartial (10) INTERESTED


 1 Order for silence on Middle Eastern network (4) MESH

 2 Chekhov’s dramatic flier (7) SEAGULL

 3 Hesitate to go to market square to establish (5) ERECT

 4 National profit appearing in another form (5,4) PAPER GAIN

 5 Right to have provided means of defence (5) ARMED

 7 Steer it, to make an Adriatic port (7) TRIESTE

 8 English and Russian fighters share the flight abroad (10) EMIGRATION

11 Note pattern made for student requires a reshape (7) REMODEL

14 Aloofness of a body of troops (10) DETACHMENT

16 A glider would make an unusual present (7) SERPENT

18 One of the chosen bar, note, a powerful conductor (9) ELECTRODE

20 Use cautiously and frugally (7) HUSBAND

22 One paid to work in tavern’s restoration (7) SERVANT

24 Church decree from this priest? (5) CANON

25 One cannot rent sodium carbonate! (5) NITRE

26 The man with the editor receives attention (4) HEED

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