Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9364 Wednesday, October 29, 2008


 1 Could you repeat that and make another visit? (4,5) COME AGAIN

 5 They denote the speed of playing music softly in odd time (5) TEMPI

 8 A peon suffers a transient cessation of breathing (6) APNOEA

 9 The ‘unready’ English ruler (8) ETHELRED

11 Poles reportedly found in river flowing in Hades (4) STYX

12 Don’t stare so much, not thinking about dangers (10) REGARDLESS

14 He speaks English in Canada … (5) ANGLO

15 … overwhelmed by a projection in action (7) DELUGED

16 Long-legged forest official captures one (7) RANGIER

17 Worthless chap, losing head for a carnivore (5) OTTER

19 A vegetable to make me be too fat? Ridiculous! (4,6) BEEF TOMATO

20 Festive time involving some lawyers (4) MELA

22 Hyderabad: or Secunderabad (4,4) TWIN CITY

23 Kind of tense, as riot is quelled (6) AORIST

24 Author included in a close galaxy of novelists (5) SEGAL

25 For Tom, a record, say, of a list of items (9) CATALOGUE


 1 The reason to include a learner as a part of a contract (6) CLAUSE

 2 Turning black into white? (5,10) MONEY LAUNDERING

 3 Monkey unknown on a peak (4) APEX

 4 Essential details that stun a blond, good man somehow (4,3,5) NUTS AND BOLTS

 5 Surveyor’s tool, an article almost odd, reportedly light (10) THEODOLITE

 6 Growing produce for sale (6,9) MARKET GARDENING

 7 Treated with a halogen, as is some salt (7) IODISED

10 Mysterious mole relating to the theatre? That is excessively overstrained (12) MELODRAMATIC

13 For such a one, numero uno is the most important (10) EGOISTICAL

16 Discounts in levies covering Electricity Board (7) REBATES

18 Make a move on board involving king and rook (6) CASTLE

21 Fencing sword can cause frustration (4) FOIL


Chaturvasi said...

Since you don't get to see the in-print edition...
And since you don't seem to visit the Orkut community THCS...
The paper started carrying bylines of compilers just a month ago.
So far these crossword have appeared:
10 by Nitaa Jaggi
6 by Gridman
7 by M. manna
2 by Neyartha (found "tough" by solvers in the Orkut community THCS)
Current series by Sankalak

anokha said...

Thank you for explaining, Chaturvasi Sir! Really appreciate you taking time to do so .............