Monday, April 28, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9210 Tuesday, Apr 29, 2008


 1 Can tell to one of the family (6) RELATE

 4 That intransigent group in a party providing ballast (4,4) HARD CORE

10 Bubbly set without the right to be so (7) LATHERY

11 It’s possible to give a new colour with it (7) DYEABLE

12 To keep an account gives him pain (4) ACHE

13 Decided to prevent mine in Germany (10) DETERMINED

16 Make certain to be seen in old city (6) ENSURE

17 Squeeze out many of those rogues (7) SCROUGE

20 Smoke out of a pouch used to play a musical instrument? (7) BAGPIPE

21 Fly in the jet set’s exclusive class (6) TSETSE

24 One who takes part in an emergency (10) UNDERSTUDY

25 An old Indian coin for her (4) ANNA

27 Accurate summary to a point (7) PRECISE

29 It is hard work keeping a number in tow (7) TRAVAIL

30 A sapper fool gives direction to ship to again calculate profits (8) REASSESS

31 To send for change is a continental resort (6) OSTEND


 1 Let out and let out again (8) RELEASED

 2 His widow no longer has to keep his dinner hot (4,7) LATE HUSBAND

 3 Marks that equal in competition (4) TIES

 5 Spectators at an interview could be captive (8) AUDIENCE

 6 Was it designed by an architect of vision? (5,5) DREAM HOUSE

 7 Rub the globe out of a king’s regalia (3) ORB

 8 At last I return south to remove blemishes (6) EMENDS

 9 Desk for the young placed on mounds (5) DYKES

14 A lamp for the nurse doing rounds, at dark during Crimean war (11) NIGHTINGALE

15 Not those pre-knotted bows used in play (10) PROPERTIES

18 Giving no rash diagnosis? (8) SPOTLESS

19 Remembered soldier summoned for an encore (8) RECALLED

22 Delightful to have a quiet meal (6) SUPPER

23 Corrects publication works (5) EDITS

26 Fish deep in sound (4) BASS

28 Girl who goes after information in Switzerland (3) EVA

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