Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 2481 Sunday, Apr 27, 2008


1 Diverting features in fringe publications (4,6) SIDE ISSUES

6 Dummy left in baby’s bed (4) CLOT

10 Rope’s length, to that extent, very good (5) LASSO

11 Band playing Hart score (9) ORCHESTRA

12 Ring painter, a monster (7) CHIMERA

13 Very angry losing home in close (7) AIRLESS

14 Quite finished, the small dance – so dispersed (3,4,3,4) ALL OVER THE SHOP

17 Could such a sailor also be operating system? (8,6) ORDINARY SEAMAN

21 Quirky caption advertising American car (7) PONTIAC

23 Careful in plant by end of gangway (7) THRIFTY

24 A fellow snubbed twice after church dance (3-3-3) CHA-CHA-CHA

25 Girl in Amritsar, a Hindu? (5) SARAH

26 Provided house in part of central London (4) SOHO

27 With bandleader in capital (10) WELLINGTON


1 Pick and choose following start of sale (6) SELECT

2 Brewed, it did sell, surprisingly (9) DISTILLED

3 Privy to European broadcast Tories must be making independently (2,4,3,5) IN ONE'S OWN RIGHT

4 Charge for warehousing gold, in part (7) STORAGE

5 Captivate with extract from French anthem (7) ENCHANT

7 Liberal Italian male, flexible (5) LITHE

8 Intricate patterns in part of church (8) TRANSEPT

9 Hear Ringo goes disguised round Liverpool’s centre with another Beatle (6,8) GEORGE HARRISON

15 Boss leading rashly (9) HEADFIRST

16 Company representative takes steps to get cosmetics cases (8) COMPACTS

18 Make new use of mostly red bike (7) RECYCLE

19 Left port, heading for Lisbon, after siesta disturbed (3,4) SET SAIL

20 Joiner given publicity round hospital (northern) (6) HYPHEN

22 Find undiluted heroin in Welsh town (5) NEATH


kkr said...

Hi Anokha!
Good to see your blog.
I understand and appreciate your point.
After completing the postings in hub, I came here to see the job done by you. Good show!
I will be showing up whenever I feel like.
Keep it up!

Chaturvasi said...

Was blogging on the same crossword in the past but my activity is now in several other forums, one of which is is The Hindu/ET crossword solutions group at Orkut, where the quota system is in force so those in US time zome may not complete the crossword before those in the IST zone had their chance.

Chaturvasi said...

Here is the link:

Chaturvasi said...

There was another blog on the same crossword but it is long since dead.

Chaturvasi said...

Ganesh and I have a smaller Orkut private group (present membership 12) where we solve UK crosswords, clue text kindly posted by my co-owner.

Here anyone in any zone can post all the answers in one go.

Crosswords solved are The Times, The Financial Times, The Sunday Times.

Sudarshan said...

hope your site attracts many bloggers.
the 'hub' has become a bit inconvenient esp. for US residents, more so,if you are in the west coast.
also, the restriction(4) further acknowledges the fact that the 'hub' is a competition/
race page,similar to the many TV shows aired here.
i expect solvers to refer to these sites, ONLY after they have spent their alloted time.
i will be happy to visit your blog whenever convenient.



Sudarshan said...

re 9209 --
i suspect a misprint under 2 DOWN.
i think the last word should be FIVE instead of FIRE - then it becomes easy to solve.
am i correct?

anokha said...

Hi Clueless - You could be right, I just solved it with the letters that were there in other places and the clue "alternative."

anokha said...

Thanks a ton KKR sir, C'Vasi sir, and CLUELESS for visiting and posting your comments.

Please do let me know if you guys would like to join and post. I am trying to figure out this whole "blog" thing and I will find out how others can post.

Thanks again!