Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9209 Monday, Apr 28, 2008


 1 Elated by not having to walk? (5,1,4) GIVEN A LIFT

 6 Thank the lawman for the information provided (4) DATA

 9 Aircraft that may appear as optical illusions (7) MIRAGES

10 Form idea that is incomplete somehow appearing like a god (7) DEIFORM

12 Penny item, a very small piece (8) PARTICLE

13 British call to persuade (5) BRING

15 Ten sat back for small amounts (5) IOTAS

17 Not felt to be sane? (9) UNTOUCHED

19 Non-stop commercial flight? (9) ESCALATOR

21 Record nothing at dance party (5) DISCO

23 What one did when incensed? (5) FUMED

24 Repeat performance to acquire skill (8) PRACTICE

27 He is skilled in the examination of market research data (7) ANALYST

28 Explain the old British unit of currency (7) EXPOUND

29 Chop meat and vegetables in small pieces (4) HASH

30 Bars professional writers (10) PROSCRIBES


 1 Arranged mega sport contest for recreation (4) GAME

 2 As an alternative, there’s a train going out after fire (7) VARIANT

 3 Difficult thing to find in darkness (5) NIGHT

 4 Couldn’t remember where one had got to in “Missing Nobleman” (4,5) LOST COUNT

 5 It’s nonsense to cheat (5) FUDGE

 7 Jack agitated on first September for Holi festivities to cease (7) ABOLISH

 8 Prepare the old fellow for great conflict (10) ARMAGEDDON

11 On the return leg (7) INBOUND

14 Quickly asking if you want the torch switched on? (4,1,5) LIKE A FLASH

16 Substantially worthy of credit (7) SOLIDLY

18 Gives due warning of theatres collapsing on November

the First (9) THREATENS

20 Company doctor at Sweden opposes a struggle (7) COMBATS

22 Yield to temptation (7) SUCCUMB

24 Call for trumps in a whist game (5) PETER

25 Drunkard goes berserk with English port (5) TOPER

26 Poems intended to be sung (4) ODES


kkr said...

Good show,

Sudarshan said...

bydvci couldn't figure out the term "peter" in a game of whist.

Sudarshan said...

please ignore first word in my previous posting "bydvci".
this was an oversight.

anokha said...

A term used mainly in England to describe a high-low made in discarding, when unable to follow suit. In the game of Whist, the forerunner of the game of bridge, the term referred only to a high-low discard only in the trump suit.