Monday, September 22, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9335 Tuesday, September 23, 2008


 1 In an urban build up, a hit makes for disaster (8) CALAMITY

 5 Young lady often associated with distress (6) DAMSEL

10 More pleasant part of ethnic ergonomics (5) NICER

11 The welcome part in weddings and broadcasts (9) RECEPTION

12 Refuge of an actuary tangling with Poles (9) SANCTUARY

13 Fruit, a favourite one in someone’s eyes (5) APPLE

14 A small, pale city in Egypt (5) ASWAN

16 One group in a part of the garden is cut in half (8) BISECTED

18 Representative English member trapped in an engagement (8) DELEGATE

20 Musical syllables include ‘F’ also, oddly (3-2) SOL-FA

24 Confuse a man of religion steeped in drink (5) ADDLE

25 Practical, but is it clear, however? (9) REALISTIC

27 Not what one would expect of man-made, say (9) UNNATURAL

28 It is the same for both goose and gander (5) SAUCE

29 Fleet of ships to provide munition to a prosecutor in the U.S. (6) ARMADA

30 Follower of a daughter, at this place not heartless (8) ADHERENT


 1 A game to preserve a status? Not half (7) CANASTA

 2 Where in an Indian city you may find good fortune at present (7) LUCKNOW

 3 Value of a broken timer (5) MERIT

 4 Menace that confines religious education (6) THREAT

 6 Greek character gambles on letters (9) ALPHABETS

 7 A small piece of a thing that may cut down a favourite (7) SNIPPET

 8 Source of oil in Leeds tampered with (7) LINSEED

 9 A lyric composed on conservative kind of fibre (7) ACRYLIC

15 Uncared for Pole chose to accept a grand (9) NEGLECTED

17 Way to cook first developed by railway (4-3) STIR-FRY

18 Stoker’s vampire (7) DRACULA

19 One is glad a number of rockroses yield this substance used in perfumery (7) LADANUM

21 Vegetable for preparing cutlet with a bit of egg (7) LETTUCE

22 Very old, like Coleridge’s mariner (7) ANCIENT

23 Song for a dance event these days (6) BALLAD

26 Problem that is enveloping American ship in retreat (5) ISSUE

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