Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9332 Friday, September 19, 2008


 1 Use the nose to suspect trouble (5,1,3) SMELL A RAT

 5 The DJ’s aid for putting three notes in “France” (5) FUDGE

 8 He may use you but pays you (8) EMPLOYER

 9 The rest of the afternoon in which Aussies take pleasure (6) SIESTA

11 Major blood distributor (5) AORTA

12 Ceremonial walk of troops, but not earlier than in April? (5,4) MARCH PAST

13 Make fun of French horse, for example (6) DERIDE

14 Initially sound and tutored but awkward (8) STRAINED

16 Manage to be in empty car with one dealing in ship’s supplies (8) CHANDLER

18 Unite an abstainer with a Companion of Honour (6) ATTACH

22 CR is never misconstrued as a copier of documents (9) SCRIVENER

23 Author of Bonjour Tristesse who backed Indians in the North-east (5) NAGAS

24 A trip abroad, trendy and good (6) OUTING

25 First two in school saunter in a free-for-all (8) SCRAMBLE

26 A language from remote South India (5) FARSI

27 Eve of the White House? (5,4) FIRST LADY


 1 Ship attendant pulls up alien in custody (7) STEWARD

 2 King of kings showed some temper ordinarily (7) EMPEROR

 3 Artist who inspired a famous literary ‘code’ (8,2,5) LEONARDO DA VINCI

 4 Cold and damp, but said to be spacious (6) RHEUMY

 5 He looks after people at high level (6,9) FLIGHT ATTENDANT

 6 Dad is in trouble with lack of respect (7) DISDAIN

 7 Made a response to religious education, played a part (7) ENACTED

10 Common con left conscience-stricken (5) TRITE

15 Reportedly feeble, deceptive move (5) FEINT

16 Get the boat going with players on leave (4,3) CAST OFF

17 It puts the fizz in the soda (7) AERATOR

19 Symbolic mathematics (7) ALGEBRA

20 Knitwear that I.Shorey designed (7) HOSIERY

21 Not many in Germany hold a fabulous bird for a trader (6) GROCER


King Julian said...

5 ac - The DJ’s aid for putting three notes in “France” - FADER
7 dn - Made a response to religious education, played a part - REACTED


Eswaran N said...

interestingly 26 a/c - can be Hindi !!

anokha said...

Thanks, Amit! Not that much into DJ's scene but no excuses - missed it completely!

anokha said...

Hi Eswaran - yeah, but that was a red herring! Easy to figure out though from the main clue as well as the other clues..........